Wedding photography

Wedding Photographer Warsaw, Cracow, Wroclaw

A wedding is a unique subject for a photographer. Why ? Because these are unique moments in your life and you can not afford the slightest mistake.

Wedding preparation and blessing.
Many couples miss out on photography of their preparations. And this is a unique time, often the most nerve-wracking moments just before making your vows.
A visit to the hairdresser and beautician gives the Bride a few moments to relax and unwind, let me capture these moments.
While dressing and preparing for the ceremonies let me get to know the immediate family and friends of the Bride and Groom. A casual conversation
with a photographer at that time often encourages a relaxed atmosphere. When the photographer appears only in the church, and suddenly you have to smile
at a stranger with a camera, stress and tension can be visible in the photos.

Marriage ceremony.
Whether you choose a ceremony at the Registry Office or in Church, it will be most poignant for you, and also the most important moment of the whole day.
Without wishing to repeat myself, remind guests that these are the most beautiful moments for you - and you remember that, too. Let your guests see smiling, happy faces, let the stress of preparation go, let it happen ... Please ask guests during the marriage to forgot about private cameras, mobile phones, camcorders, Go Pro and
other recording devices. Undoubtedly, this will help me so I will not have to scramble among uncles and aunts to take a good shot during the exchange of rings.

The wedding party.
After a series of speeches and good wishes comes time for the last "must" - the first married dance. A carefully thought-out song, long practised steps and eyes staring at the floor ...
Look at each other - Wife, Husband. Now it's time for fun. Everything will be covered and it's time to relax, it is time to party.

The outdoor photo shoots.
The outdoor session is nothing but fun. Here we do not have the whole family and friends watching your steps, behaviour, emotions. During the outdoor shoots the most important
thing is to relax, you do not have to show how much you love each other- it's obvious. Whether the outdoor session will be in the mountains or at the seaside,
at the castle or in the capital, you do not have to kiss for the lens. I expect naturalness from you, sometimes one sincere look is
more valuable than 100 posed kisses. Be yourself, and I will capture the moment.